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White Corn Pancake Mix - 20 oz

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Hand blended White cornmeal and White Sonoran wheat flour make a great pantry staple for a quick delicious breakfast.


Weight: 20 oz


White Corn Pancake Mix - 20 oz

Hand blended White cornmeal and White Sonoran wheat flour make a great pantry staple for a quick delicious breakfast.


Weight: 20 oz

Cooking Method

White Corn Pancakes:

Makes 10-12 four-inch Pancakes

Make sure to read all steps prior to beginning recipe.

2 cups White corn mix

1 Large egg

1.5 cup Milk, more depending on thickness (we prefer almond or oat but use liquid of your choice i.e. Whole milk, buttermilk, etc.)

1 egg 


  • Start by placing corn mixture into medium size mixing bowl. Spread corn mix out as to make a crater in the middle for wet ingredients. 

  • In a separate small bowl whisk together egg and desired liquid. After thoroughly mixed slowly pour into the center of the bowl containing corn mixture. 

  • Gently whisk together wet and dry ingredients until thoroughly mixed and set aside. 

  • Allow the mixture to sit for at least 20 minutes allowing corn to fully hydrate.

  • After about 15 minutes of allowing the batter to rest turn a flat heavy bottom pan onto a medium heat. For instance griddle, cast iron pan, etc. 

  • Allow pan to thoroughly warm before adding any batter. You can test the temperature by adding a small amount of batter to the pan.

  • Once pan is hot make sure to lightly grease as to keep cake from sticking. Pan spray is the most convenient but you can easily use another oil lightly covering the pan surface.

  • Once pan is greased and hot slowly add desired batter to pan in small circles evenly spreading to an even thickness. Batter will begin to bubble slightly on top similar to flour pancake. (Note: Batter will be slightly thicker than normal pancake. If you feel it is too thick add small amounts of liquid until desired consistence.) 

  • When cake has cooked halfway through flip and allow to finish on second side. 

  • Repeat this process until all cakes are cooked. 

  • Serve stacked with honeymaple syrup, or fresh berries

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This is a solid recipe and a solid product; whether you want to make it sweet or savory is up to you. Foolproof and, being corn, gluten free. Basically foolproof, which means I will be making these for my family as they fly in from abroad.

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