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Red Lake Nation Wild Chokecherry Syrup

Native to North America, the roots, bark, and berries of the Chokecherry Tree have been used not ...


Spirit Lake Maple Syrup

Harvested from the sugary sap of the Sugar Maple Tree on the 78-acre Savage Family Farm in Northe...


Red Lake Nation Wild Blueberry Syrup

No breakfast pastry or pancake is complete without being topped with this staple from our Indigen...


Red Lake Nation Highbush Cranberry Syrup

Wildly harvested highbush cranberries, which are not actually cranberries but members of the hone...


Wozupi Maple Syrup - 32oz

Generations of experts have produced Wozupi Tribal Gardens' Grade A Maple Syrup, tapped from Minn...


Red Lake Nation Wild Plum Syrup

Wild plums range from the size of a nickel to the size of a golf ball and when ripe, display vary...


Native Gift Sampler

Our Native Gift Sampler bundle includes Red Corn Native Foods' Ha-pah-shu-tse Fry Bread Mix, Red ...


Red Lake Nation Wild Fruit Syrup Bundle

The Red Lake Nation Wild Fruit Syrup Bundle adds the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavor to ...


Lake Harvest Wild Rice

Red Lake Nation produced lake harvested wild rice with large long grains, full of wonderful earthy flavor and dense nutritional content. When cooked this rice will bloom into a large hearty grain.