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  • Replacing Beef with Bison: Everything You Need to Know

    Bison were once considered a coveted source of sustenance in North America, as they were one of the only indigenous animals available for consumpti...
  • A New Meaningful Venture: Tocabe’s Investment in Arctic Circle Wild Seafood

    Tocabe’s vision has always been to make Indigenous foods and ingredients accessible and to support Native food producers, farmers, and ranchers. Arctic Circle Wild Seafood (ACWS) is now owned by three Indigenous companies, with 25% owned by Tocabe and Red Lake, Inc.
  • Traditional Ingredients, Today’s Native American Cuisine

    Native American cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines to exist in North America. Over time, the introduction of other foods , like Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Greek, and Korean , became popular, while Native American cuisine humbly remained in the background — until now.
  • Our Philosophy: Native First, Local Second

    Buying native food first promotes Indigenous food sovereignty and helps Native American communities thrive.

About theTocabe Marketplace

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Our philosophy is Native first, local second. We source the right products from the right people. To us, ingredients don’t just make the food, they tell the story behind it.

Accessibility to high-quality, healthy Native and Indigenous ingredients is extremely limited based on location. Tocabe’s Indigenous Marketplace is simplifying the supply chain and making regional cuisine locally accessible by connecting you to Native and Indigenous ingredients with just the click of a button.

By shopping at our Indigenous Marketplace, you’re participating in food sovereignty and supporting Indigenous farmers, ranchers, and caretakers across the nation, making an impact in our communities. So, shop our marketplace today. And in the meantime, learn how to create Tocabe’s pancake recipe with Native-produced, wholesome ingredients that also make a difference.