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Red Lake Nation Quick Cook Wild Rice - 16 oz

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An Indigenous food you need to add to your home pantry immediately. Harvested from the Red Lake Nation in Minnesota, this cultivated wild rice is vibrant in color, full of nutty flavor, and packed with protein, making it a nutritious alternative to other rices. Each Red Lake Nation Quick Cook Wild Rice grain is perforated, allowing it to absorb water quickly, cutting your cooking time in half without sacrificing any of its delicious flavor. Red Lake Nation Quick Cook Wild Rice is the perfect complement to any meal.

Try cooking this wild rice with tepary beans. We’ll teach you how!

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Cooking Method

Quick Cook Wild Rice

Begin by rinsing 2 cups of rice well under cold water. After rice has been thoroughly rinsed add to a small stock pot with 4 cups of cold water. Bring water to a boil then cover and turn down to a simmer. Check rice every 5 minutes for doneness and desired texture. Note: This will not be similar to white or brown rice where all water is fully absorbed. Once rice has reached the desired texture, remove from heat and drain off any excess water. 

We prefer a light fluffy rice but with a bit of bite remaining for texture. Remember shorter cook time for tougher rice, longer cook time for softer chewy texture.

Use in your favorite recipes, get creative and enjoy cooking delicious food!

Customer Reviews

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Everything is Delicious!

I placed my order specifically for the tepary beans I saw when vising Arizona's national parks and monuments. I ordered a few other items which were also delicious. I support native American products and businesses.

EB from Atlanta ()
So good! Definitely buying more

This wild rice was perfect - great texture, and wonderful taste. Buying more for us and as gifts!

Lisa Kopitzke

What a great service and such a warm, nutty product!

Connie green
Terrific Resource

Wild rice is one of my staples - It was so easy to work with Tocabe. Great communication about order/shipment. Referred a few others. Thank you for being a wonderful resource.



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