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Red Lake Nation Wild Chokecherry Syrup

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Native to North America, the roots, bark, and berries of the Chokecherry Tree have been used not only as a food source, but for medicinal uses throughout history. This fruit was often made into syrup, or used to make tea by American Indian tribes.

Red Lake Nation Wild Chokeberry Syrup is harvested by hand in northern Minnesota and made into syrup in small batches.

For a sweet treat with historical roots, add Wild Chokeberry Syrup to your Indigenous food pantry. Slightly more tart than a traditional cherry, our chokecherry syrup pairs well with waffles, pancakes, or even drizzled over ice cream!


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Jessika Hutchinson
Nostalgic for me, and hella good

I hadn't tasted chokecherry since I lived in NE Montana as a kid. I'd always had little tastes of them off the bush, I'd never tried them in a syrup before. Absolutely threw me back to the last time I'd tasted them. Really, REALLY good. I'm literally about to pick up another because we already ran out 😅

Alya Garrison-Ahmed

Red Lake Nation Wild Chokecherry Syrup

Kenneth Sandoval
Best chokecherry syrup on the WEB.

Excellent taste and the best price!!

Wonderful gift!

I bought chokecherry syrup and pancake mix for a friend's birthday. I love your mission and will continue to buy as many products as I can.


Nothing like the taste of chokecherry!Really takes me back.

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