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Bow & Arrow Blue Cornmeal - 24 oz

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Grown, harvested, and milled at the base of the Sleeping Ute Mountain in Colorado, Ute Mountain Blue Cornmeal is rich in both its blue hue and earthy flavor. Blue cornmeal is full of antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties to boost your immune system. The vast versatility of this Indigenous food staple makes it a showstopper in the kitchen, enhancing soups, sauces, casseroles, breads, tortillas, muffins, pancakes, and more. 

Learn more about the importance of blue corn in Indigenous culture.

Breakfast time? Try our Blue Corn Mush recipe.


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Savannah OBrien
Blue cornmeal flour

This is by far the freshest blue cornmeal I have ever used. In years past, I had to go to a specialty store to get some and I didn’t even realize how long it had been on the shelf because many people don’t even know about it. Not only is blue corn distinctly flavorful, but it is also 60% higher in protein than yellow corn. (I have made blue cornbread and muffins for over forty years.) I am so thankful that I found Tocabe products and am now a fan for life. Originally, I was searching for a good source of pinto beans, and when I saw that they sold blue cornmeal, I could not believe my good fortune! Yes, they are now my go to source for pinto beans. They’re just as good as any organic pintos I have found so when my source dried up at the grocery store, I found Tocabe. Yay! A double bonus for me!

Sayre Weaver
Wonderful; white cornmeal

I made a batch of cornmeal muffins with the cornmeal, the taste is wonderful, very delicate but distinctive, and the crumb is lovely. I am so glad to have found your marketplace. Thank you.

The very best AND supports a worthy cause

Purchased on our last trip out west and tried for the first time tonight. We,will not be purchasing any other brand in the future. It is that good ! Waiting for your shelves to be,stocked again!

Randolph Reynolds
Blue is Happy!

This is a wonderful product produced by loving stewards of the land. It makes great cornbread, I add some to my cooked cereal and even add some into my homemade bread recipe. I love it!

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