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Red Lake Nation Cultivated Wild Rice - 16 oz

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Technically an aquatic grass, wild rice isn't actually rice. Studies have shown that wild rice is an excellent source of antioxidants and consuming whole grains may even lower your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes!

Prevalent as a traditional food source and, the historical significance of wild rice in Native American culture makes Red Lake Nation Wild Cultivated Rice a staple for any Indigenous food pantry.

Use wild rice as a protein-packed, more nutritious alternative to other types of rice. The vibrant color, naturally nutty flavor, and firm texture of wild rice is sure to wow at your next dinner party!

Cooking Method

Cooking Wild Rice

Begin by rinsing 2 cups of rice well under cold water. After rice has been thoroughly rinsed add to a medium size stock pot with 8 cups of cold water. Bring water to a boil then cover and turn down to a simmer. Cook rice for 40 minutes then turn off heat and let rice bloom in hot water. Check every 5 minutes for doneness and desired texture. Note: This will not be similar to white or brown rice where all water is fully absorbed, if water has fully evaporated prior to 40 minute mark add additional cup of hot water to pot. Once rice has reached desired texture after giving time to bloom remove from heat and drain off any excess water. 

We prefer a light fluffy rice but with a bit of bite remaining for texture. Remember shorter time for tougher rice, longer cook time for softer chewy texture.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Berkey
Wild Rice....Extraordinary

I was raised in Minnesota. Although I live in NYC now for my work, I still keep in close touch with my family in Northern Minnesota. We all love the wild rice from the Red Lake Nation in Minnesota, and we will all continue to support them in any way that we can; one way is to keep buying their delicious wild rice. The rice I recently purchased was so fine!!! Thankyou!!!

Jonel Larson
Cultivated Wild Rice


jimmy r banister
it has been a while

i used to get to twin cities many times a year i was a over the road long haul trucker i missed my meals at the TA Truckstop nw of Minneapolis they have a wonderful restaurant they serve red rice dishes , and i developed a taste for it my first adventure cookin the red rice was a learning experience i over cooked it i was using it as a beg on the plate for some fresh red snapper filets , even though it was over cooked i t was delcious with the fish i will keep it in my pantry from now on thanks

Elizabeth Kain
Glad I found Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace!

So glad I discovered Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace. I am enjoying unique foods I haven't been able to find elsewhere, like Tepary beans, with their unique flavor. The blue cornmeal is a must have, and the wild rice is an easy to make, versatile and flavorful change of pace. I am also happy to be voting with my dollars by supporting food sovereignty and TIM's values, while enjoying delicious and nutritious foods. Their customer service is fantastic, too.


This rice is incredibly flavorful and easy to prepare.

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