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Plain Creamed Honey - 12 oz

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IOWAY Bee Farm's plain creamed honey has a smooth, creamy consistency. Creamed honey has a large number of small crystals which prevents larger crystals from forming. (Large crystals can form in unprocessed honey.) 

IOWAY Bee Farm's plain creamed honey is smooth & spreadable. It pairs well with corn muffins, biscuits, toast, bread, or as a sweetener in your favorite beverage.

Founded in 2017, the Ioway Bee Farm is owned and operated by the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. IOWAY's label features Chief White Cloud, Mahaska, painted in 1844 by the famous Western painter George Catlin. Mahaska signed the 1836 treaty which established the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska reservation along the Missouri River in Kansas and Nebraska. The river bluffs, woodlands, and meadows are full of native medicinal plants and wildflowers, that the Tribe’s bees rely on to make nanyi (NAH-nyee), pure honey.


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    Mary Regalado
    Plain creamed honey. DELICIOUS!

    So far I've used it on toast and pancakes. It is so delicious I can't wait to try it in my tea. Looking forward to all the others way I can use it

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