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Navajo Mike's “Skinwalker Style” Spicy Southwest BBQ Sauce

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If you love the traditional taste of barbecue but miss the added heat of hot sauce, this is the sauce for you! This Spicy Southwest BBQ sauce from our Indigenous Marketplace offers the best of both worlds by maintaining that loved BBQ flavor with the addition of dark chilis and ghost pepper, harvested from Tempe, Arizona. Try this unique barbecue hot sauce paired with our delicious grass-fed bison or to add a little kick to your morning eggs.


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Breana McLaughlin

So tremendously delicious! Put it on anything you’re grilling, smoking or roasting. Also really delicious drizzled on fruit, grill or broil any stone fruit with a sprinkle of sugar for caramelization, a torch would work too, a drizzle of the sauce…amazing!

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