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Heirloom White Tepary Bean - 24 oz

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Grown and harvested by Ramona Farms in Sacaton, Arizona, a community on the Gila River reservation in Arizona. White Tepary Beans, or S-totoah Bavi, are native to the American Southwest. Rich in fiber and protein with a low glycemic index, tepary beans were cultivated by Indigenous people to be drought tolerant.

White tepary beans are known for having a slightly sweeter taste than other tepary beans and are most similar to the navy bean. Tepary beans are unlikely to turn to mush when cooked due to their density. Use in soups, stews, and cold salads!

24 oz


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These fresh beans taste wonderful. Here in Florida, the weather has changed significantly over the decades and our climate is becoming more like the climate out west; hot and arid. It's very difficult to grow anything here unless you are a large orchard/business with lots of supplies on hand. So we planted some of these beans in our small grow box and left them alone and they are thriving! This has been a wonderful discovery and we will continue to buy beans from you!

Really tender

Very happy with how versatile these will be

Haven't tried them yet

The customer service in shipping them to me was outstanding. Thank you.

EB from Atlanta ()
The best!

Made these alongside wild rice and Chile Colorado. They were excellent! Rinsed and soaked over night and cooked on stove with ham hocks, garlic and onion for about 4 hours.

Danna Laurie
White Tepary bean

The beans are wonderful! I am going to be buying them from you any time I need beans in the future. Thank you for great service as well.

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