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Heirloom Red Corn Meal

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Grown and harvested by Ramona Farms in Sacaton, Arizona, a community on the Gila River reservation in Arizona . 100% of Ramona Farms red corn flecked cornmeal is harvested from red corn grown alongside the Gila River.

This heirloom red corn has 20% more protein than its yellow or white counterparts. Substituting red cornmeal for recipes that call for yellow or white will elevate the nutritional value and add a punch of robust corn flavor and distinctive color to your dish.

Cornmeal can be used to add a crust to meats, thicken a stew, make bread and muffins, and much more! 

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James Eason
Reminds me of Home.

A long time ago, when I was a little boy, my great grandparents used to have a garden. They grew all sorts of vegetables in it, but were especially interested in the rare and hard to find varieties, the ones we now know of as heirloom. To make a long story short, this cornmeal tastes exactly like the old cornmeal my great grandmother used to make from the variety of heirloom corn she would grow when I was younger (and she was still alive). This corn meal brought back many happy memories for me. It tastes delicious, is high in nutritional value, and is going to a truly great cause! Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace is probably one of the best online grocers I've ever done business with. Thank you greatly and Many happy returns, I'll definitely be ordering again when my supplies are low!

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