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Heirloom Brown Tepary Bean - 24 oz

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Grown and harvested by Ramona Farms in Sacaton, Arizona, a community on the Gila River reservation in Arizona. Indigenous to the American Southwest, tepary beans were grown by Native communities for their drought tolerance and offer a rich source of fiber and protein with a low glycemic index.

Brown tepary beans have a slightly nuttier, earthier flavor than white or brown tepary beans. They're meaty, dense, and hold their shape when cooked. Use in place of any dry bean!

24 oz


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Vee Francis
Huckleberry BBQ sauce safely Sweet Delight

I am a vegan but only cross that line by supporting the beekeeping industry. I have a passion for berries and savoring diverse varies like huckleberry, June berries and juniper berries. I cannot consume high levels of sugar so I when this BBQ sauce arrived with 2 other flavors maple syrups and the Blue corn mushrooms, the mush and the BBQ sauce were good to go.

I made a mock fowl entree with plain Pumpu cubes with the sauce and bok choy leaves. This filing was added to wedges of gluten free roti skin. My Harmless Hot Pockets ( wrapped in foil to keep the pea based wedges seperate till consumption) will be a standard fare now.

I would buy the huckleberry sauce at any grocery store in town, if they stocked it there. I will inquire with Wegmans. Dried or powdered huckleberries would be my preferred option to make my own sauce with no cane sugar added. I would have used date and maple syrup to make my own sauce.

I will have to dilute the maple syrup with plain maple syrups that I already have to reduce the sugar content. I can then add either flavor to my blue corn mush.

Great Tasting

I substituted them for pinto beans in my recipe and everyone loved them. The nutritional value is phenomenal in comparison with more protein and fiber and low glycemic.

Diane Dubiel
Great beans, Fast shipping

These beans have an earthy, lovely flavor. They must have a thick outer skin. I used a crock pot to cook them and they took forever (like 12 hours) but well worth the time. I used a recipe directly from Ramona's website and they were delicious.

Marial Quezada
One of our favorites

This is one of our favorite beans to cook and eat. They are naturally delicious and filling. Best when cooked with chile guajillo .

Lovely Beans

The brown tepary beans were super clean. No rocks to be found. After an overnight soak they cooked up well, although slowly over about 4-5 hours but they were creamy. I put them into a 3 sisters stew with blue posole and roasted squash along with spices and it was delicious!

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