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Heirloom Black Tepary Beans - 24 oz

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Grown and harvested by Ramona Farms in Sacaton, Arizona, a community on the Gila River reservation in Arizona. Black Tepary Beans, or S-chuuk Bavi, originated in the American Southwest and are rich in fiber and protein with a low glycemic index. Extremely drought tolerant, they were domesticated by Native Americans.

Specially selected from rare heirloom tepary seed crops, these beans have been cultivated through an ancient tradition of separating black seeds from the white and brown seeds before planting. Meticulously grown, harvested, and selected over the years, black tepary beans have a hearty, bold taste and a firm texture that holds its shape when cooked.



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Debra Coble
Quality Products

Received my order promptly, and everything was packaged properly for shipping. Have to comment on how clean the dry beans are. Just had to rinse and cook. I haven’t used the syrup or the bbq sauce yet, but I’m thinking they will not disappoint! I used a gift certificate for my rode and checkout was easy. Your company shows highly on all accounts with my order! Thank you!

Love black Tepary beans!

First time trying Tepary beans, and wasn’t sure what they’d be like. They are fantastic! Perfect texture and a slightly nutty flavor. I can’t believe how much fiber and potassium these beans contain, and at the same time taste great!


Heirloom Black Tepary Bean - 24 oz

Delicious & healthy

I read an article about tepary beans - higher in protein & lower in carbs than other beans, plus the most drought-tolerant. Good for me & good for the planet. I couldn’t find them locally, so searched online. I was delighted to find Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace, where I got the added benefit of supporting indigenous people and their culinary traditions. I decided to try all 3 varieties (white, black & tan). Win, win, win!
So far, I made a soup with the white beans. They taste much like great northern beans, but seem to hold their shape better (not as mushy when fully cooked). I look forward to trying the others.
The order was fulfilled quite promptly as well. Customer service is excellent. I'll definitely plan to order more products from this business.

Nancy Turcotte
Tepary Beans

Great product; it taste amazing. Will certainly be buying again.

Thank you so much, Nancy! We look forward to fulfilling your next order :)

With Gratitude, Team Tocabe

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