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Family Side | Iko's Green Chili Stew

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Fire-roasted green chilis, seasoned ground beef, diced russet potatoes and sweet corn slow-cooked to create a hearty, homestyle stew.


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Abena Songbird
Deep Deliciousness in a Bowl

Always loved this combination - delicious green chili - roasted corn and potatoes - complete, hearty and as good in this format as when I ate in the restaurant in Denver! All you need is dunkin Frybread!

Lindsay Winn

I was really excited to find an indigenous brand to support and the food was super yummy. I especially loved the spice and the not overly salted beds that usually happens with some of the prepared meals out on the market. Tasted much bette than Hello Fresh we’ve tried in the past and other local meal prepped food services.

Dawn Houle
Taste the southwest

The green chili stew was delicious easy to make and very satisfying. I would order this again.

Joshua Poplawski
I really loved the chili

The blue corn mush will be a staple in my pantry from now on. It is so good!

I also loved the green chili stew and plan to order it again as a treat :D

These were delicious meals that were really easy to prepare

So good!

I was worried that I wouldn't like it because I'm not a huge fan of green chili peppers, but it's got just the right amount of spice and isn't overpowered by pepper flavor. It's got a hint of sweetness to is and pairs excellently with the roasted root veggies.