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Séka Hills Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil

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On the more than 25,000-acre farm of the Yocha Dehe Winton Nation’s Native lands in Northern California’s Capay Valley grows the Arbequina Olive Trees that produce Séka Hills Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil. These estate olives are harvested and milled at the Seka Hills Alpha Laval mill. 

The juxtaposition of peppery and fruity flavors in this versatile olive oil makes it perfect for everyday use in your kitchen. Séka Hills Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil is harmonious in its pleasant pungency and mild bitterness. You’ll love its smooth, buttery texture and subtly sweet taste of ripe apples. 

Nutty with notes of nettle, this olive oil will pair perfectly with bison or beef and will even add a surprising, earthy flavor to savory charcuterie boards. This delicious and healthy olive oil from our Tocabe Indigenous Marketplace is high in monounsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid) which serves as a healthy alternative to saturated fats. 


Customer Reviews

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Jessika Hutchinson
Super flavorful

Never tasted an olive oil quite like this, and their other one, Taggiasca. It adds another dimension of flavor I didn't expect from an olive oil, and I've tried some good ones. Can be used in small amounts to add lots of depth, or as a main attraction with herbs to top stuff. Top tier stuff!

Patrick Lauher

Perfect gift for my mother who loves to cook.

Phyllis Dickens
Seka Hills Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil

Fresh flavor, great in salad dressings

Elizabeth Wishaw
Fantastic olive oil

Flavor is superb. Will be purchasing again soon!


Lovely lovely EVOO

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