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Corn Pinole -24 oz

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This amazing corn Pinole is grown, harvested, milled, and ground by Ramona Farms in Arizona. It is made from Pima 90-day corn, which is renowned for its flavor and texture. The corn kernels are mesquite parched and stone-milled to produce a flour with a delicious roasted flavor. Corn Pinole can be served in many ways, but it is often combined with milk and sweeteners and served as a porridge-like dish or mixed into your favorite smoothie.

Corn Pinole is dried corn that is roasted before being finely ground. This ancient cornerstone is packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. In fact, 2 ounces of Pinole delivers 7g of fiber, 40g of complex carbohydrates, and 100mg of anthocyanins. An excellent energy source, Pinole was commonly consumed by Indigenous peoples of the southwest and central America on long distance journeys.


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We have purchased this twice now from Tocabe. We love to support Tocabe and the corn pinole is delicious. We add it to smoothies or have it alone with milk before and after runs.


Great tasting, easy to fix soup. I keep ordering more!

John Orona
Great taste

I think the corn pinole is a great flavor enhancer for red or green chili as it adds a smokey flavor and thickens the broth. Thanks for a great product!

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