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Bison Posu Bowl

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Tocabe's signature Posu Bowl made with Red Lake Nation wild rice, paired with roasted purple sweet potatoes, great northern white beans, fire-roasted corn, and topped with our braised shredded bison and finished with our puréed roasted squash sauce.


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Great Meals

I've now tried most of the Harvest meals selection and there are several standouts. The green chile stew is my favorite but the bison posu bowl is a close second. The quality is amazing and the order ships the same day. Will definitely continue to order these, all of them have been amazing.

Tiffany Pyette
SO delicious

my new favorite meal

Thank you, Tiffany! We're so glad you're loving the Posu Bowl!

With Gratitude, Team Tocabe

Georganna Garrison
Delicious Protein!

If Tocabe were next door, I'd be there every day.... this is the next best thing! The bison has just the right sweetness, with a little crunch from the wild rice.

As an early morning gym goer allergic to eggs, I have been struggling to find a high-protein breakfast option that will satisfy my caloric & protein needs & tastes good. Knowing I can have a quick, delicious, diverse & thoughtfully sourced meal is essential for my health & fitness journey. Finally, I have an option that makes me want to eat breakfast again & is so delicious!

Thank you so much for your review, Georganna! We're so glad we get to help your day get off to a good start :)

With Gratitude, Team Tocabe