• 5 Uses of Cornmeal Throughout Indigenous History

    When it comes to food, nothing speaks more to the identity of the Americas thancorn. Indigenous to the land, corn has been a plentiful source of sustenance since the beginning. But did you know that it has been used for more than just food?
  • Role of Blue Corn in Native American History

    Originally, blue corn was developed by the Hopi, the Pueblo and many other Native American tribes from the Southeastern United States. Its name, stemming from types of flint corn found in these Native areas, was given due to the fact that it is generally of a blue hue. Over time, it has taken on many other names, such as: Hopi maize, Rio Grande Blue, Tarahumara Maiz Azul and Yoeme Blue.
  • What is Wild Rice?

    Contrary to what the name implies, wild rice isn't rice at all. Technically speaking, true wild rice is the kernel found inside a species of semi-aquatic grass native to the Great Lakes of the United States.

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