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If I live locally am I able to pick up my order?

Absolutely, we would love that. We have designated times weekly for order pickups.

Do you allow returns?

We apologize but we do not accept any returns. If you have issues with you order please contact us at

I have a question about a product, how do I reach someone?

We would be happy to help. Please feel to reach to us at

When will my items ship?

For dry good shelf stable items we will have your items sent within 2 business days from submitting your order. If you have purchased meat products we will send items out every Monday as to provide best quality with shipping.

Do you use dry ice?

Yes on all frozen products. Please note that dry ice may evaporate during shipping.

What’s up with the Tocabe Express?

While developing our pantry and discussing shipping we wanted to make a fun way to send your order. The Tocabe Express is a tongue and cheek play on the old Pony Express. Our Express delivery will get your order anywhere in the U.S.

I am a food producer, am I able to partner with you to help distribute my ingredients?

We would love to continue building on this supply chain and are always looking for amazing food producers. Please reach out to us at …

What is making regional shopping local?

Over the last decade we have developed close relationships with food producers all over the country. We are now able to source these highly desirable ingredients on a larger level to help provide to you. Our pantry helps provide each conscious consumer who demands quality food the ability to support the localities where these ingredients are produced. Shopping for local food is available in most towns and cities nationally but the ingredients we share do not appear in your average farmers market. Our pantry is a farmers market where you support the producers whose wonderful ingredients may not be available in your local community. It may not be your town but your purchases support the efforts of amazing producers helping keep money in their communities.

Can I pick where my donation goes?

If you purchase a predesigned assortment you will be able to select who your donation will go to. For instance if you purchase our 12 item or 8 item assorted box you will be able to tell us who you would like your 6 or 4 item donation box to go to.

If I do not buy an assorted box do you still donate food items?

Yes we do. For every two items purchased we set aside one item to add into our donation pool.

Who do the food donation go to?

We actively change who the donation boxes go to by partnering with organizations who have individuals and families in.

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