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Essential Pantry Box

Build the core of your Native and Indigenous pantry with our Essential Pantry Box. We have hand-s...


Tocabe House Dry Rub - 4 oz

Our Tocabe Dry Rub is fantastic on all ranges of meats and fresh roasted vegetables.   Weight: 4 oz


Navajo Roasted Blue Corn Mush - 20 oz

Hand blended Navajo roasted Blue Cornmeal, juniper ash, smoked sea salt, and maple sugar creating...


Heirloom Brown Tepary Bean - 24 oz

Oʼodham farmed, an ancient bean of the Sonoran Desert. Tepary beans are highly acclaimed for thei...


Red Lake Nation Cultivated Wild Rice - 20 oz

Red Lake Nation Cultivated Wild Rice has a natural nutty flavor and slightly firm texture. Wild R...


Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil

Versatile oil for everyday use balancing both a fruity and peppery flavor.   Size: 250 ML Bottle


Tocabe Bison Rub - 4 oz

Our house bison rub is fantastic paired with bison. The rubbed sage provides delicious floral aro...


Corn Pinole -24 oz

This Ramona Farms corn pinole is an ancient food made from heirloom Pima 60 day corn. The corn ke...


White Sonoran Wheat Berry - 20 oz

O'Odham farmed, the White Sonora Wheat Berry is a soft, low gluten wheat berry with great texture...


Northern California Wildflower Honey

Dark amber honey boldly flavored and aromatic with a rich depth of wildflower.   Size: 296 ML Bottle


White Corn Pancake Mix - 20 oz

Hand blended White cornmeal and White Sonoran wheat flour make a great pantry staple for a quick ...


Ute Mountain Blue Cornmeal - 20 oz

Ute Mountain Ute grown blue corn, harvested and milled by Ute Mountain Ute Farm and Ranch. This b...

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Lake Harvest Wild Rice

Red Lake Nation produced lake harvested wild rice with large long grains, full of wonderful earthy flavor and dense nutritional content. When cooked this rice will bloom into a large hearty grain.

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